What we offer

Low Intensity Cognitive Behavioural Interventions

face to face or telephone, one to one sessions. These are focussed on understanding your main problem, finding practical and behavioural changes to improve symptoms. Offers a wide range of support alongside low intensive CBT, mindful activities, body image/self esteem work and support from severe and enduring mental health.

Counselling and/or family support

Open from ages 11 upwards, support provided by support practitioners with experience in delivering mental health support, wellness recovery action planning, problem solving, check ins and much more. Our counsellors offer BACP counselling focussed on the person.


Understanding Panic

A hour session on what happens when you panic, what symptoms you may experience and how to subside them.

Making Changes

An hour workshop on making changes to our behaviour and what steps we can take to move forward.

How exercise can help your mood

A hour workshop on how exercise can benefit your mood, what happens when you workout and planning you workout goals.

Sleep help

A hour session on what stops us sleeping, things that may help and further information on getting good quality sleep.


Young Person's Exam Stress Workshops

6 sessions funded by CYA and Big Lottery on how to manage exam stress. for 14-24 years. Please contact us for details

Body Image Workshops

6 sessions of Body Image funded by CYA and Big Lotto. Please contact us for details

12 Week Post Natal Project

funded by Awards For All this free course is for mums with babies 6 weeks to 12 months old. The Course combines well-being topics, baby yoga and massage and mummy pilates

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