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Team Members

Janine Ward

Managing Director


Mental health practitioner, psychological wellbeing practitioner, level 2 fitness coach.

Janine has led low intensity cbt services across the UK and has worked in mental health throughout her career. She has lectured for University of Southampton, University of East Anglia and at other institutions throughout the country.

Janine has a number of publications and her special interests are older adult mental health and long term health conditions.

Janine is a BABCP member and is fully insured to undertake low intensity interventions.

helping you to help yourself

Samantha Joughin

Managing Director


Samantha is one of the Managing Directors and an Exercise and Talk Support Practitioner at Together We CIC.

My exercise specialism is obesity and diabetes, I am also currently undertaking a BSc hons in fitness, sport and coaching, with the chosen topics of exercise psychology. My goal is to undertake a MSc in exercise psychology or behavioural change (health and wellbeing.) My personal interests are human behaviour and influencing adherence to lifestyle change and I enjoy working with groups and individuals to find an exercise type that they enjoy. I also enjoy delivering Together We's psychoeducational sessions based around maintaining routine.

Kelly Tandy

Referral coordinator


Kelly is a referral coordinator for Together We CIC

Kelly holds a Bsc(Hons) qualification in Occupational therapy and has gained several years varied experience of working in the NHS in both clinical and social settings, supporting clients from backgrounds with various needs of support. During this time, Kelly has led assessments and implemented treatments with successful and positive outcomes. With Kelly’s skills, knowledge and experience in administration she is qualified and ready to assist teams and clients to achieve their short and long term goals.

Kelly has a keen interest in poetry, and also enjoys anything 'crafty' or you can find her in the garden getting green fingers and saving bees.

Jacqui Ashforth

Talk Support practitioner

07923 222927

Jacqui is a talk support practitioner for Together We CIC

Hi, I’m Jacqui, I have a Diploma in Social Sciences which includes Level 2 and 3 Psychology and level 2 and 3 Human physiology. I also have a level 2 qualification in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and have trained in Suicide Awareness First Aid, and dealing with infant loss. I am currently taking a break from my BSc Degree in psychology with counselling, with the Open University. As a firm believer in the importance of lifelong learning, I am always open to learning and studying further to enhance my knowledge professionally and to be a good example to my two daughters, with positive work and study ethics. Prior to my career change in to mental health and starting my family, I worked in hospitality and catering, which gave me the pleasure of travelling the UK. I gained a wealth of experiences and worked with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Often teaching English to staff where English was not their primary language.

Since standing on my Grandfather’s feet whilst he led and taught me to waltz, quickstep and foxtrot, I have been hooked on dancing! Following his passing, I classically trained and became a member of the modern art group and danced in the West End. Five years ago I came out of dance retirement and I am now an acrobatics teacher for a local dance academy.

I became interested and focussed in mental health, in particular, working with families and young people due to my own experiences in post-natal depression. I found myself supporting others dealing with similar struggles and experiences. Upon recovery, I decided I wanted make positive change for others in crisis and wanted to be a part of that change by supporting families where mental health difficulties was an issue. My aim being, looking at a bigger picture and supporting individuals within a family and working towards positive outcomes… without leaving footprints in people’s lives. I started by training as a family support volunteer for a local charity, followed by up taking the diploma in social sciences. I have had great pleasure in running the family support service, as senior family support caseworker for four years, at the former mental health charity Mind in West Cumbria; being part of many positive outcomes and walking beside local families in need of emotional and mental health support. I am now looking forward to fulfilling my role at Together We, being part of a wonderful and dynamic team.

Jean-Ann Gate (JAG)

Talk Support practitioner


JAG (Jean-Ann Gate) is a talk support practitioner for Together We CIC

Ex-secondary school teacher and learning mentor, youth and adult mental health first aid trained.

Jag has worked in secondary school environments both inner city and country for around 20 years, firstly at various levels of management in teaching, teacher training and recruitment; she has more recently worked as a learning mentor providing support for 11-19 year olds in education.

Jag specialises in supporting children and young people who are showing signs of early disengagement and those trying to overcome a range of issues causing barriers to learning and development.

Jag is passionate about life-long learning, she believes that it’s important to ‘walk your talk’ when working to support others in achieving their goals because it reminds her of the struggles people face when trying to achieve something that is very challenging. Her current goals are to pass the minimum skills requirement to play roller derby competitively and successfully complete the qualifications needed to allow her to provide safe therapeutic activities for service users.

Claire Bibby

Talk Counsellor


Claire is a BACP accredited counsellor for Together We CIC

I've been a qualified person centred counsellor for over ten years working in a busy NHS community drug and alcohol service, mental health charities and employment assistance programme.

Through my counselling career I have been fortunate enough to attend continuous professional development in cognitive behaviour therapy for depression and phobias, transactional analysis, eating disorders, all types of addiction therapeutic interventions, self-esteem, and couples counselling.

For me, I am a strong advocate, on how counselling can improve mental wellbeing, relationship with others and personal growth whilst improveing self-esteem.

I am looking forward to working for Together we as this mental health service can offer a valuable service to the people of West Cumbria.

Jackie Bennett

referral coordinator


Jackie is a talk referral coordinator for Together We CIC

Jackie is usually spotted being socially active in the community, whether it's running or catching up with friends over a cuppa. Thriving in community spirit, Jackie often arranges social gatherings for diverse groups of people to encourage positivity and promote a balanced lifestyle, encouraging good mental health.

Although new to working in administration Jackie has experienced in childcare, school kitchens and shops. Jackie is eager to get started in this role at Together we CIC because it combines with her personal interests and gives her the opportunity to improve lives in the local community.

Caroline Shevelan

Volunteer counsellor.


Caroline volunteers as a counsellor at Together We CIC

Qualifications: BSc and PhD psychology. ASIST suicide first aid trained. Currently training for PG Dip in psychotherapy and counselling

Ettienne Debeer

Trainee CBT practitioner


Ettienne is a trainee CBT and fitness practitioner at Together We CIC

Level 3 Personal Training Qigong trainer Diploma in Naturopath Nutrition Level 4 Psychology Currently completing BSc (hons) in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Katie Tyson



I'm Katie, I'm 25 years old from Workington. I spend most of my time with my dog, Bailey. The reason I volunteer for Together We is because I think that what they're doing is very important in supporting those with mental health issues. Having gone through it personally, I know how helpful services like this can be.

Paul Ward

Volunteer Counsellor


Paul is a BACP registered trainee for Together We CIC Hi, I am working towards my Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling with the Northern Guild and am currently in Year 2 of my studies. I have throughout my working career enjoyed engaging with people to bring about positive change in their lives through listening and supporting them to become more self aware and empowered to make changes to promote their wellbeing. I have previously worked in youth work, education, local government, probation/youth offending , careers service and the charity sector. This range of experiences has hopefully helped me understand people from all walks of life and taught me a range of skills in helping others. When I’m not volunteering with Together We, I am working as a bereavement support manager in a local charity and understand the value of attending to your own wellbeing in times of crisis and loss. My current training is based on the core model of Transactional Analysis, but also a growing understanding of other models that may help. All the theory on ‘what works’ points to the importance of establishing a good working relationship, where clear goals and a shared understanding form the basis of positive change. When I’m not at work, there is nothing I enjoy more than being outdoors and taking part in walking, running, the occasional dip in the river, cycling and canoeing. Exercise and talking with trusted others really helps me with my own mental health.

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